H2S Safety Technician

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  • Location: Kuwait, Qatar or UAE
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Health, Safety & Env. (HSE)

Job type
Part Time Contractor

Career level
Entry Level; Student (High School); Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Education Levels
High School or equivalent

Years of Experience

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Job description

The ideal candidate has graduated from a technical school in Lebanon, studying or working in one of the following subjects:
1- Electrical
2- Mechanical
3- IT
4- Welding
5- Firefighting
6- Security

The Candidate should be more than 21 years of age, speaks English and is free to travel.

Work will be in the Middle East countries like Kuwait, Qatar or UAE and it will be a rotational basis - 3 months on the rig site and 1 month back home in Lebanon.
Travel in and out of Lebanon is provided.

All training and intensive English language is provided.

Job description

  1. Plans, organizes and controls required activities for plant, construction and well operations. Including: identifying and implementing client & company site specific requirements; obtains consensus for the planning and implementing of contingencies, drills and required daily work activities; coordinates and accounts for the deployment of company personnel and equipment; controls access and egress to location for the specific reality of knowing where everybody is; inspects & tests plans, equipment & systems ongoing to ensure required response quality.
  2. Installs and dismantles (deploys) various safety equipment. Including: loading and transporting equipment to the worksite; strategically places required equipment for rapid response (positioned appropriately) including: air trailers, lines, manifolds, breathing apparatuses, gas detection systems, barriers, signs and briefing areas.
  3. Operates and ensures function, operational readiness of various equipment and testing systems to ensure response quality. Including: breathing apparatuses, air trailers, electronic and tube type gas detectors & systems, rescue devices, cellular and two-way radio systems, two and four-wheel drive pick-up trucks and their accessories, various small hand tools.
About United Safety
United Safety provides industrial safety products, safety consulting and safety training to ensure that the workforce and public remain safe. We service both the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas industry, offering: 1. Plant turnaround safety services 2. Safety Solutions for Onshore/offshore drilling and well servicing activities 3. Integrated risk management services 4. Safety technician services 5. Construction projects safety services With global operations in 21 countries, United Safety is at the forefront of industrial safety equipment technology that includes breathing air systems and gas detection systems, along with innovative safety services for customers with multi-disciplined contract work forces.

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